Release Notes

Always backup your projects before importing updates!

Version 2.2.0

  • Fixes for Unity 5.6.0

Version 2.1.9

  • Removed debug message “0”
  • Fixed some warnings
  • Force to reimport integrations folder when ICode is imported
  • Min required Unity 5.5.0

Version 2.1.8

  • Fixes for Unity 5.5

Version 2.1.7

  • Fixes for Unity 5.4

Version 2.1.6

  • Fixed BuildTargetGroup in integration windows

Version 2.1.5

  • Fixed OverrideVariables(behaviour field was not updated if list was empty)
  • Visual indicator if fsm is paused
  • Fixed node foldout for unity 5

Version 2.1.4

  • Start ICodeBehaviour from unity 5 StateMachineBehaviour (

Version 2.1.3

  • Windows Store support

Version 2.1.2

  • Notification if an action script is deleted.(Null in fsm)
  • Fixed Networking actions/conditions to work in unity above 5.0
  • Obsolete actions(GetLoadedLevel,IsLoadingLevel,LoadLevel,LoadLevelAsync). Use corresponding SceneManagement actions.
  • Vector2 actions
  • Completed Vector3 actions
  • Replaced Vector3.GetComponent with GetXYZ
  • More Transform actions
  • Unity 5.3 support
  • Fixed Warnings for unity 5
  • Fixed BuildTargetGroup for unity 5
  • Fixed line endings in FsmUtility.cs and Transition.cs

Third Party Integrations

  • Updated Master Audio to to Tuomas Pitknen)
  • Updated CoreGameKit to

Version 2.1.1

  • Added LoadLevelAsync
  • Improved startup performance
  • Improved ICodeMaster
  • Removed and seperated base ui classes. Removed Gradient.cs and SetGradient.cs until unity stops changing it.
  • Auto enable scripting define symbols for ICODE, use #if ICODE
  • OnEnter/OnExit was not called when reenter a sub state machine
  • Fixed Array.Add – Added Array.GetRandomElement
  • Removes SetGlobalGameObject from GameObject when deleted in GlobalVariables.
  • Shared Scripts update

Third Party Integrations Photon Unity Networking

  • Added InRoom, IsOfflineMode, IsInLobby conditions

Version 2.1.0

  • Moved ICode folder to Unitycoding/ICode
  • Removed AssetCreator, using AssetCreator from Unitycoding/Shared scripts
  • Added Tools menu to Tools/Unitycoding/ICode/Tools
  • Preview actions/conditions in browser without editor opened
  • Added component menu to Tools/Unitycoding/ICode/Components/…
  • Fixed zoom, if active state machine is null
  • Fixed shortcut gui offset if active state machine is null
  • Disabled variable create button(+) if active state machine is null
  • Added canvas context menu to create a state machine when active is null
  • Added instructions if active fsm is null
  • Changed GlobalVariables assets path to Assets/Resources/. Can be moved by user to a sub Resources folder
  • Moved Documentation to
  • Adjusted new documentation paths in editor
  • Added delay for review reminder popup
  • Update examples location folder Unitycoding/ICode/Examples

Version 2.0.9

  • Fixed Gradient effect for unity 5.2
  • Fixed Rigidbody2D.SetConstraints
  • Fixed Unity Networking conditions
  • MySQL integration
  • Implemented CallbackHandler
  • Moved Toolbar menu to Tools/Unitycoding/ICode/…
  • Added FsmTool to toolbar
  • Review Reminder

Third Party Integrations

Photon Bolt integration

  • Started Integration
  • SetPropertyDynamic/GetPropertyDynamic
  • SetAnimator
  • SetTransforms

Energy Bar Toolkit

  • Actions were missing [System.Serializable]

Support for Highlighting System

Photon Unity Networking

  • Removed BaseModule from photon and implemented CallbackHandler from ICode instead
  • Added missing namespaces

Version 2.0.8

  • Added integration window to enable/disable add-ons. Add-ons are now included in the package and do not need to be downloaded separately.
  • Fixed networking errors for Unity between version 5 and 5.1 (UNet is only availible in Unity 5.1)
  • Changed store field in InstantiateRandom from FsmObject to FsmGameObject
  • Addded ObjectToGameObject and GameObjectToObject action
  • Fixed HideFlags for LineShader
  • Execute node at runtime for debugging(context click)
  • Improved Error Console(Select States with errors)
  • Error icon in hierarchy, if fsm has errors.
  • Canvas Zoom
  • Fsm Tool -> Select existing FSM’s in project or scene
  • DragAndDrop support for FSM assets(copy/paste by drag and drop)
  • Added MonoBehavior Converter and Welcome Screen to tools menu
  • Added Tools documentation
  • Selectable transition lines
  • Fixed line shader warning.
  • Fixed unity 5 SetFixedAngle warning.

Version 2.0.7

  • Changed style of action, transition and condition list.
  • Added selection makers for action, transittion and condition.
  • Fixed reset, when removing condition/transition.
  • Added error icon on duplicate variable names.
  • Added error icon for hierarchy, if FSM has errors.
  • Added error icon if transition has errors.
  • Instruction if variables are not expanded
  • UNet actions and conditions(Not Finished!)
  • Changed DefaultValue to DefaultValueAttribute
  • Node Context to move nodes to SubStateMachine.
  • Node Context to move nodes to ParentStateMachine.
  • Click to create variable in inspector if missing
  • Auto assign Owner as default for SharedPersistant FsmGameObject
  • QualitySettings actions

Version 2.0.6

  • SetAnimationClip action for mecanim.
  • Fixed Translate action without deltaTime.
  • SetProperty was not recognizing Transform as Object
  • RectTransform actions
  • Changing variable name does not reset reference in action/condition
  • GameObject for OverrideVariables
  • Fixed changing variables in inspector
  • Fixed Debug.DrawLine/DrawRay SharedPersistant attribute was missing.
  • Fixed NavMeshAgent Stop for unity 5, stops immediately when stopUpdates is set to true.
  • Changed unity_5 version checks to support all unity 5 versions.
  • New Addon: DOTween
  • New Addon: Energy Bar Toolkit
  • Updated Addon: Photon Cloud to v1.58

Version 2.0.5

  • Photon Cloud simple ai example
  • Copy All actions/conditions using context click on the list in inspector
  • Fixed serialization of OverrideVariables when creating prefabs.
  • Improved Pick action.
  • Fixed AndroidInput preventing from build on other platforms
  • Fixed OverlapSpehere action -> target is not required
  • Transitions are reorderable
  • MoveInFormation action for NavMeshAgent
  • Updated A* Support package(Extended Move action).
  • Updated Default Examples(Troll was missing)
  • Impoved Raycast action.
  • Simple example for A* addon.
  • OverrideVariables helper.
  • Fix for OnClick condition Type Button' does not contain a definition for onClick’
  • SetEnabled action for classes extending from Behaviour
  • ComponentAttribute can be specified with Type-> will only list components that extend from this Type.
  • AndroidInput actions(
  • ICodeBehaviour inspector information(StateMachines, States, Actions and Variables count)
  • ICodeBehaviour inspector quick edit for variables.

Version 2.0.4

  • Display shared variable names that will be paste.
  • Fixed Renderer actions Copy/Paste of multiple selected nodes and shared variables
  • IsObjectNull condition
  • Enable/Disable shortcuts in preferences
  • Setup custom shortcuts in Tools/Setup Shortcuts
  • OnUnityEvent remove on exit.
  • SendEventToArray action.
  • Some actions extended to be able to use a FsmGameObject for position.

Version 2.0.3

  • Fixed unity 5 warnings
  • Created State Machines using the editor toolbar had no Owner variable.
  • Fixed rigidbody actions, call was not removed from proxy.
  • Default examples update(smooth of ik scenes)
  • Fixed Ik actions, call was not removed from proxy.
  • OnEnterState method for actions.
  • IsPointerOverGameObject condition
  • ICodeMaster to hide/show components on a game object.
  • Fixed InstantiateRandom action
  • Random.RangeInt action
  • Photon Addon update
  • AddBehaviour action(Adds a new ICodeBehaviour and sets the state machine.)
  • gameObject.AddBehaviour(StateMachine stateMachine, int group, bool replaceIfExists) overload method
  • Fixed CopyFields for ScriptableObjects.
  • SetCursorLockMode and SetCursorVisible action
  • GetElement action for array.(Gets element by index)
  • SetConstraints action for rigidbody.
  • GetVariable action to get a variable from other StateMachine
  • MouseLook action based on Standard Assets
  • SmoothMouseLook action based on Wiki
  • MonoBehaviour script converter help editor
  • Math int actions (ClampInt,DivideInt,MultiplyInt,SubtractInt,SumInt)

Version 2.0.2

  • SetVariable from script accepts AssignableFrom of variable type.
  • Unity5 AddComponent fix
  • GetObjectProperty action to get properties from UnityEngine.Object
  • SetObjectProperty action to set properties on UnityEngine.Object
  • AnyState was not switching back when switching from a sub state machine.
  • ToString action, converts a variable of type to a string.
  • RestartState action, useful for Sequence states.
  • VariableChanchedEvent for FsmVariables to access from custom scripts.
  • Added IsFinished condition for Sequence execution.
  • Calling NavMeshAgent.Stop() requires a NavMeshAgent.Resume(), when setting destination again in unity5.
  • Added ICodeTrigger, that enables or disables components within range using SphereCollider as trigger.
  • GetProperty supports Arrays and Lists
  • Removed previous version, is availible on request.

Version 2.0.1

  • Welcome Window was shown even if “Show at Startup” was unchecked
  • NavMeshAgent action Wanter throw a NullReferenceException, because the agent was not assigned.
  • Unity 5 support

Version 2.0.0

  • Sub State Machines
  • States as Sequences
  • Error Console
  • Improved Performance