Open the state machine editor from the unity toolbar menu Tools > Unitycoding > ICode > Create StateMachine. Unity will ask you to create a new asset, that should be saved within your project.

  1. Select GameObjects that have ICodeBehaviours.
  2. Select a StateMachine on the GameObject. One GameObject can have multiple StateMachines.
  3. Lock the selected StateMachine.
  4. Tools like Action Browser, Condition Browser, Global Variables, Error Console
  5. Change preferences of your state machine editor.
  6. Select parent state machines.
  7. Create variables for your state machine.
  8. Create/Edit states, actions, conditions and transitions.
  1. Select a state to edit it.
  2. Change the name of the state. Enter a unique name within the state machine to change it using SetState action.
  3. Enter a state description, so others know what you are doing.
  4. Add and edit state actions.
  5. Selectable transitions from selected state.
  6. Add/edit conditions.